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As of January 2014, KC-MM no longer uses the “Hacking Team” approach to brawl hacking. When Brawl hacking first started these “Hacking teams” appeared in an attempt to copy the original Syntax Error. While many of them were good, as their members moved away from hacking, their team blogs received less and less updates. While the KC-MM team held out for a while, it eventually happened to us too. It was rather foolish of us to cling to that method of doing things for so long.

But the KC-MM Community isn’t dead! Far from it, its just our team that fell apart. Our Brawl Vault is still very lively with tons of new hacks. So instead of relying on the obsolete team method, we’re now going to have “Blog Editors” whom will feature the best hacks from the vault.

This new system will give free publicity to the hackers who submit their work to Brawl Vault, and will hopefully keep some level of activity going on the blog.

The full staff of KCMM can be viewed here

Wrapping this up, let us remember the original Founders of KC.

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