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LSTeam Presents: A simple disguise


Light Suit Samus

A fusion between the Luminoth and Chozo battlesuit technology.

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Wait… Is It…?

Yes, that was a Wii pun

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Bomb Omb Battlefield

Hello, nostalgia fans! Look familiar?

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Space Pirates beware…Green Lantern’s Might!


Green Lantern ZSS over Samus (1-Slot Costume)

So, this one was a great deal of fun for me to make. Oftentimes I come across inspiration in the oddest of places. In this case, it was an avatar; a piece of fanart depicting Samus as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. (Which I found the original source of, after some quick Googling:

Instantly, I knew I had to make it. But how? Brawl Samus is notorious for actually being a different size from Zero Suit Samus. Casually porting one over the other causes Zero Suit’s shoulder’s to stretch wildly, and Samus’s entire body to crunch inward.

So, as usual, I turned to Bone Modding. (Because that’s what I do, right?)
In Bone Modding, making sure that your bone indices remain constant is key. What this means, really, is that if I add a bone and change parentage a bit, I need to make sure that the bones indices that Brawl uses for specific purposes remain where they are. All of this while simultaneously creating NEW bones that affect how the character looks without wrecking the animations that already exist.

If I add a bone, the bone that Samus (and Brawl) uses to hold items changes its index. If Brawl uses Bone #55, and through some magic I add 9 bones, her left hand’s bone is #64 and she no longer holds items in her left hand.

She holds them in her forehead. Which isn’t supposed to happen.

So, to make sure that I didn’t accidentally break something, I targeted a 4 bones in Samus’s arms and legs that I could bypass and exclude from my rig. Afterward, by deleting those bones, I would have 4 free “wildcards” to use for my Bone Mods which wouldn’t cause any problems. Naturally, I applied them to her arms and legs.

Once the rig is done on this new “wildcarded” bone skeleton, all I had to do was apply a nice can of paint and poof:

Black and White and Green all over. With working shoulders to boot!

I’m actually pretty proud of the ZSS texture underneath all that glowy armor, so I made a version where you can actually see it without any hindrance:


So yeah, that’s the story behind this one.

You can see a whole bunch more pictures here, in this Imgur Album:

And you can download the hack at the BrawlVault, here:

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A Beatdown on Mr. X!

Fighting in the Street, on these Pathways of Anger.

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What!?! a stage that is better and more balanced than castle siege?

Arena Ferox over castle siege

Has a brawl version and a PM versions the only difference between the two is that the PM version removes the wall on the platformed areas of the stage. the stage also includes 3 BRSTMS and SSS icons and such. also there are 3 .rels for the Neutral versions (STGEARTH) as well as the neutral version can work over Final Destination Battle field and Skyworld Without .rel files. Has PM camera as well.

Collaboration of the Stage was between GBC and DSX8


Crossover to the Beach Side

You can have fun in the sun this summer; if you fight for it!

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Have a Heart!


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The Biker Bros. Are Riding In!

Chock up one more for Mario’s giant list of professions.

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