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Beach time!

(on a Monday? If only…)

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The Fire Type leaves the Team to become solo!

Who’s that Pokémon? It’s…

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This Robo Has Outgrown His Holosseum

Chicks dig giant robots!

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In order to save Hyrule…

Find what is long lost…

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Did anyone call for a super fighting robot?


Megaman V2 over Ness


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Megaman is back and has gotten some major improvements. This is just and updated model and textures but also includes new HD Csps and all the fun jazz. Oh and lets not forget a version for PM users!


-PM/no bone edit version
-Version with bone edits
-PSA version (PSA included)

-7 Recolors
- Csps, Bps, Stocks, Names, etc
-Kirby Hat

-Note- The original PSA is not updated or changed whatsoever it is just for the new models. if you have any problems with the moveset itself please contact Southcraft and Mariodk

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Link – The Pokemaniac!

The Hylian Hero has discovered his new favorite sword and shield!

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Bowser’s Affair?

Peach better watch out!

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The Closet Otaku Steps Out!

What?! It’s okay for a girl to like Manga and video games too you know!

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Final Destination, Fox only, No Items


Waluigi Goes Rambo!

Look at the stunning accuracy they have on Waluigi’s muscles!

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