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Blue Bomber is here!


After the trailer of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, Megaman rejoins Smash Bros. Brawl during the wait of the release of the next Smash Bros. game.

Download : http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=34975

On this archive, you can found :

– Moveset (PSA and Moveset files)
– Megaman
– More than 70 recolors of Megaman (All based on Megaman Weapons from his own games).
– Extra slot.
– CSP, Portraits (All made by LJSTAR) and everything for Megaman.
– SFX, Announcer voice and Theme victory.
– Megaman Kirby Hat

All credit goes to KTH (me), SouthCraft and Mariodk. (Principal team)
Thanks to LJSTAR, Blase005 and Kafei (Bluebreon) for the help.

Megaman model by GBC, ads15. Extra slot by GBC, ads15, KTH (me), Spex130 (Beck, Mighty n°9) and Commitment2PurpleX2 (Bad Box Art Megaman).

This mod was made for fun and for people play with it during the wait of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS.



Feature: SFX Modding is Finally Possible for Gecko Users!

Sorry for the lack of a preview image…

After years of SFX modding only being possible for Riivolution users (via editing the .brsar), we finally have a way for Gecko users to enjoy custom SFX on their modded Brawl!

Introducing the Replacement Sound Bank Engine (RSBE) code by InternetExplorer (this is a user, not the mediocre web browser :I).

This information and usage guide below comes straight from IE’s thread! Follow this link to go to his thread on our Forums.


“Hey, everyone! I’m InternetExplorer, a developer of Project M and SSBM Online. After many months of hard work, my greatest contribution to the Brawl modding community is complete. A warm thanks goes to Dantarion for helping me past a few hurdles.

Although SFX replacement has previously been possible with Riivolution, RSBE provides a streamlined way of creating and sharing soundbanks in a way that is as simple and effective as it is to share costumes, music, etc. I am excited to see some of the soundbanks our talented Brawl modders can design.

RSBE is an addition to the File Patch Code which allows SFX files to be loaded from the SD card. Using a mod of Super Sawndz, you can create .bnk files and put them onto your SD card for easy SFX loading. This works for any soundbank including characters, menus, announcer, you name it!

-What You Need-

The code:

Replacement SoundBank Engine v1.11 [InternetExplorer, Dantarion]
80000000 80406920
80000001 805A7D18
045A7D00 805A7D18
8A001001 00000000
065A7D28 00000013
2F525342 452F7066
2F736678 2F25642E
626E6B00 00000000
045A7D10 919B6600
C21C8370 0000002F
9421FF80 BC610008
3C60805A 60637000
94230008 7C611B78
3B5A0007 3C60805A
60637D00 9343FFE0
38800000 9081000C
90810010 93610014
90810018 3880FFFF
9081001C 38610020
90610008 3C80805A
60847D18 7F45D378
3D80803F 618C89FC
7D8903A6 4E800421
38810020 7F63DB78
38A00000 38C00000
3D80805A 618C7900
7D8903A6 4E800421
2C030000 408200AC
3C60805A 60637D00
8081FE90 9083FFD0
3D2090E6 61290F10
81290000 7D244B78
7C862378 38C60008
80A4002C 7C842A14
38840008 3CE0805A
60E77D00 8167FFE0
38840008 80A40000
7CA53214 80E50000
7C075800 4082FFEC
7D244B78 80C50024
7CA43214 38A50008
80C50008 7CA43214
38A50008 7CA32B78
3CE0805A 60E77D00
8087FFD0 7C84DA14
80A4FFFC 7C852050
38A5FFFC 3D808000
618C4338 7D8903A6
4E800421 38600000
2C030000 3CA0805A
60A57D00 9065FFF0
3C20805A 60217000
80210008 B8610008
38210080 7D8903A6
4182000C 4E800421
48000008 7CE33B78
60000000 00000000
C21C8658 00000007
3E00805A 62107D00
8230FFF0 2C110000
40820010 7CE33B78
3B200000 41820014
4E800421 3A400001
9250FFF0 60000000
60000000 00000000

→ File Patch Code

→ Super Sawndz MOD with .bnk Support

-How To Use-

  • Open your .brsar in Super Sawndz MOD
  • Replace your desired SFX
  • Highlight the sound group you’d like to export
  • Click “Create .bnk”
  • Put your .bnk file in: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/sfx
NOTE: Remember that there is a file size limit. Making too large of a sound bank will freeze the game, so try to use sound effects that are equal or shorter in length to the default sounds.
Thanks, and enjoy!”

Ganbare Goemon

Whether you know who he is or not, he was a part of my childhood, Goemon from the game called “Mystical Ninja”.
Although he took part in adventures on both the SNES and the Nintendo 64, I wasmost fond of his adventures on the latter of the two, myself.


So yeah, I suggest you play that game by putting some money on your PayPal account and downloading it on the Wii Shop. *cough*



I made this model following a request from SonicUnderground316, and I didn’t stop at the rigging:

- He’s got a mouth with teeth
- 5 recolors
- A Super Saiyan version (you’d need to play the game to understand that one)
His recolors are based on these ones by evilwaluigi, which

I’ll kindly thank: http://evilwaluigi.deviantart.com/gallery/28186409#/d4zus7o



So yeah, here’s the DL link:


Dark Beast Ganon

Beast Ganon finally got tired of just running across the stage and decided to get revenge on those who easily just jump over him.He has a meaner look resembling that of his Ocarina of time version and with a spiked back and tail for more protection against Link. I was going to try and vertex hack him but my programs are not working at the moment plus i dk if you can actually vertex hack him. I was planning on making his hair longer among other things. I thought about making a ganon bowser but i dint have time to even start him. I hope you guys like the texture.

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Simon Belmont (CVJ)

[graphics done by Ruben]

The sexy man in leather has finally arrived. The most renowned of the vampire hunters, he wields a whip, called “Vampire Killer”, passed down to him from his ancestors.

Took me a long time to finish it but mostly because of my lazyness haha. He has traded his whip for something a little more high tech to defeat Dracula.  The texture is based on the castlevania judgement game which i know many people are not fans of, but i am. What i dont like about the texture is the hair, i must admit the hair looks horrible and i was going to vertex hack it but there are way to many files and its just really hard to know which part of the hair im modifying. The other part i didnt like was the back;  i couldnt get the cross on his back to look good due to the vest so i decided to remove it, which really takes alot from the texture. Overall i think i did a pretty good job with this texture. I hope you guys like it :)

i fixed a dew things like the face and the legs which are shown in the first 2 pictures. The rest were taken before the edit.

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i saw the calendar and saw no update so i decided to post. This is a retexture of Alucard but this is the Symphony of the night version. I didnt spend much time on it so its pretty simple. I hope u guys like it, hopefully i’ll update Simon Belmont soon. There are two versions, one with the cape and one without. Credits to dingoberriz for helping me hex out some of the stuff from the model. Credit to LookItsLink (backbelt removed), i borrowed KAZEcoyote’s sephiroth hair.

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well, i havent updated in a while because i been really busy, but i decided to make some quick edits to some of the textures i have done. I did Aerodactyl and Torkoal, although i didnt do much with torkoal except for the shell top and tail =/Im working on cradily and PT at the moment. im gonna be edditing some of my best textures to make them look better.



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War Machine

War Machine


Hey boys and girls. Here i am again with one of my textures. This time is not a castlevaina texture, im sure some of you were getting sick of them XD But ill have some more soon. This time is a character from comic books and the new Iron Man movie coming out this year. War Machine! This is basically a recolor of my Iron Man Texture which is posted at DasDonkey if you guys want to check it out and download. Although i said it was basically a recolor (grayscaled) i made a few changes to the costume to make it looks more like War Machine. Took me hours , most of the texture is basically playing with the lighting texture on samus to make it look metal like. I added a few colors and textures to the lighting texture and came out looking pretty good. So i hope you guys like the texture and make sure to download the Iron Man one too and replace that old one you have. I made a few last minute changes to both textures after the pictures were taken but nothing too significant. DasDonkey needs more visitors and dont be afraid to leave a comment :) Oh almost forgot, thanks to Jack H for the edited model pac file. Asta luego people.

For more of wii’s texture please visit Here

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Maria Renard

Maria Renard

“I may be cute as a button, but I’m tough as nails.”

Maria Download

Info: Maria was the daughter of local nobles until Dracula killed her parents and abducted her. She is a distant relative of the Belmonts. She is naive and hates to lose.

Another castlevania judgment character. You guys are probably tired of them, but i decided to make as many as i can because i love the game. I really hate Maria in judgment, she is so damn annoying but i thought the texture fitted peach perfectly so i made it. It came out pretty well and accurate. Best peach texture i have done Xd lol i have only done two. Thanks to JackH for the no earring, no amulet peach pac file. I hope you guys enjoy the texture.

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Eric Lecarde

Eric Lecarde (castlevania judgment)


Witness the might of the Alucard Spear!

info: While still a youth, Eric was entrusted with the Alucard Spear. Alucard had taken notice of Eric’s potential and may have had a role in determining that he should be the spear’s successor, but Eric may have been unaware of any of his involvement. Eric would diligently train with the spear and would also master many spells. Eric would grow to resent that the whip was held in higher regard than the spear.

Another castlevania texture from me to you. This one didn’t take too much time since its basically just recoloring the clothes to make it look like Eric’s. Again, thanks to JackH for the edited pac file. You’ll be seeing more Judgment characters from me later on.

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