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Blue Bomber is here!


After the trailer of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, Megaman rejoins Smash Bros. Brawl during the wait of the release of the next Smash Bros. game.

Download : http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=34975

On this archive, you can found :

– Moveset (PSA and Moveset files)
– Megaman
– More than 70 recolors of Megaman (All based on Megaman Weapons from his own games).
– Extra slot.
– CSP, Portraits (All made by LJSTAR) and everything for Megaman.
– SFX, Announcer voice and Theme victory.
– Megaman Kirby Hat

All credit goes to KTH (me), SouthCraft and Mariodk. (Principal team)
Thanks to LJSTAR, Blase005 and Kafei (Bluebreon) for the help.

Megaman model by GBC, ads15. Extra slot by GBC, ads15, KTH (me), Spex130 (Beck, Mighty n°9) and Commitment2PurpleX2 (Bad Box Art Megaman).

This mod was made for fun and for people play with it during the wait of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS.



Ganbare Goemon

Whether you know who he is or not, he was a part of my childhood, Goemon from the game called “Mystical Ninja”.
Although he took part in adventures on both the SNES and the Nintendo 64, I wasmost fond of his adventures on the latter of the two, myself.


So yeah, I suggest you play that game by putting some money on your PayPal account and downloading it on the Wii Shop. *cough*



I made this model following a request from SonicUnderground316, and I didn’t stop at the rigging:

- He’s got a mouth with teeth
- 5 recolors
- A Super Saiyan version (you’d need to play the game to understand that one)
His recolors are based on these ones by evilwaluigi, which

I’ll kindly thank: http://evilwaluigi.deviantart.com/gallery/28186409#/d4zus7o



So yeah, here’s the DL link:


[NEWS : 10/28] The Ultimate Match Ups!



To celebrate the “Playstation Battle Royale All-Stars” game, the copy of Super Smash Bros., we made Sony characters for Brawl.


A project we started a long time ago and which we’ve worked really hard on with Kingskull95, Frusciante and ExorcistRain.

Kingskull95 and Frusciante made : Toro & Kuro, Sweet Tooth, Parrapa, Kratos, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, SackBoy, Raiden, Nathan Drake, Nariko, Old Snake, Heihachi and Cole (normal and evil form).

ExorcistRain made Shepard. DemonBoy made Ratchet and Clank and Big Daddy is by spiderjjr45. Me? I made : Dante, Fat Princess, Isaac Clarke, John Martson, Kazuya, Lara Croft, Niko Bellic, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Spike and Tomba.


Oh yeah, I made some character who aren’t on the game. I think it’s better to add them because they really wanted to be in Playstation Battle Royale All-Stars.

Some exclusive Playstation characters or most that are known only on Playstation (GTA, Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid, Tekken).

Or we have included more characterd from an already-represented series like Kazuya and Solid Snake.

Anyway, here is the roster. Choose your character!

And of course… Enjoy. (Clink on the pics).







In a parallel universe…

This is my first Brawl import idea, that I’ve been putting back until now.
This hack allowed me to discover and understand how to restore the shaders/materials of a character (especially Sonic who’s got plenty…).

Buy yeah, let’s talk about Scourge :

I gave him his sharp teeth, just like in the Archie comics, and with his great fiery jacket! Woah.

So there, here’s the download. Now try and find him a spot for him somewhere in Sonic’s slots. (Only 5 slots… *sigh*)




A werehog… Sounds logical.


There we are, after a request from TheBlueWind, I’ve made the well-known bipedal werehog from Sonic Unleashed, on Wolf. *cough*

With this version, hopefully you won’t find any problems, as I’ve worked on it for 5 days so that he looks perfect. (I’ll admit that the rigging was very complicated.)

So, he’s got:

– Yellow eyes
– Animated mouth
– All his faces (Blinking, Half-blinking, Hurt).
– Metal
– Oh, and finally the small reflection on his shoes, exactly like Sonic.




The seven dragon balls…

Here goes for a new Dragon Ball character, Goku as a child.

Over Lucas, the model was taken straight from Dragon Ball Wii with a Brawl-styled texture.

I tried to make a pretty impeccable rig., Kid Goku has got everything he needs, as you can see on the pictures.

– Yellow eyes
– Power Pole
– Metal Texture
– Alternate faces.

There, have fun.



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