Rim lighting Mario & Luigi

Hi everybody, and a happy 2013.

Today I don’t bring you any stage. I’m working on some, but they’re not complete yet. What I bring you today is something people have seen in some of my last videos, and wondered if I could share with them. So, here they are, Mario and Luigi with a shiny effect on their bodies.

The effect is similar to what the latest Mario games have used for their graphics. If you’ve played Mario Galaxy, you’ll know what I mean. But the intention isn’t making a Galaxy Mario or Luigi, there are quite a few in the vault for you to get. I’ve just made the Brawl Mario and Luigi shine that way, so if you like the effect, but you want to keep the original skins for the characters, you can do so. You can also make your own texture hacks from them, no problem at all. Or even update your current textures with the ‘rim’ version so the rim lovers those who like the effect get them updated in their games.

Well, this is the comparison between regular Luigi and rim Luigi:

Note that he gets lightened just in the borders. Also, the effect is not the same in every stage, depending on the lighting, the effect will be a different color, or a different intensity.

I’ve included all the original Brawl colors for both Mario and Luigi, and this extra green costume for Mario. I made it before I started making stage hacks, and I’ve been using it in my game since then.

More pictures:

With these, I’ve also shown you some of my unfinished stages. I’m now working on the ones in the last 2 pictures.

Well, this is it, these are the vault entries. I’ll keep making rim characters, I suppose I’ll share them too if people like them in my videos again. See ya next time!



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