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Hi, Mewtwo2000 here again with another Melee stage. This one is one of the most liked, I guess. It’s Final Destination, as you can see. There were already some other versions of this stage over there, I helped with them and stuff. But I needed to make my own one. I guess everybody needed a new one. The model I’ve used comes straight from melee, thanks to Oshtoby. I’ve not rebuilt the background yet, that’s something for the future. But I’ve prepared a few backgrounds to keep you satisfied.

Well, I don’t guess much has to be said about this stage. It’s just more playable than the original Brawl version due to the lack of ceilings on the sides and all that. It’s featured in Project M, the very known Brawl mod that’s about to get the 2.5 demo. It’s the exact same thing, so all the different versions here work just the same way as the one in the package. If you get Project M demo 2.5 and you want a different background for your final destination, you can pick it from here.

This means I’m not just sharing the standard stage. Along with the custom background in purple colors in Project M, you can get the Brawl background, the Tabuu one and a few others I’m gonna show you here:

Sunset Background:

This background comes from the Brawl intro, where all the characters are on a rocky surface during the sunset. There’s no rocky surface, but just the background and the Final Destination stage.

Calm Background:

This background is just the same, but in a different color. I changed the colors to blue and purple, and looks beautiful.

Subspace Background:

It just uses a background from the subspace emissary mode in Brawl.

Tabuu Background:

The background in the battle vs Tabuu. It’s been used in some stages already, so you probably are used to see it.

Daytime Background:

This one is set in Daytime. The background is from a SSE stage I was requested some time ago.

Night Background:

This background is just the Battlefield background staying at nighttime. It comes from a set of stages I made much time ago, when editing color nodes wasn’t as easy as it is now.

Shadow Bug Background:

Some of my first stages were just background swaps with this background. So, why not using it as a new background for Final Destination?

Project M Background:

This is the background I made for Project M. It’s a nice retexture of the Brawl one with unchanging lighting.

Brawl Background:

Just the background in the Brawl Final Destination.

Yeah, the stage is blue in the last picture. It doesn’t mean that the stage is blue for the Brawl Background version. It means that all those versions have a blue stage version. I guess it’s a nice color to switch to, if you’re tired of the standard one.

Well, so this is it. Lots of backgrounds and 2 different color sets. You can make your own color sets, and even put them in the brawlvault, but don’t fill the vault with more and more versions of the same thing. If you already have a Melee Final Destination recolor in the vault, and you plan to use mine to make the same recolor, don’t make a new entry, update that one. People are always looking at the older hacks, and updated entries still get downloads. Also, if you make more recolors and not just one, put them together in the same entry, don’t make 1 for each. And of course, don’t post the stage with no changes as a separate stage over another slot. People can port their stages themselves, or ask somebody for help. No need to see a FD over Battlefield, a FD over Distant Planet, etc. I’ve seen this happen already.

If you’re not good at hacking and you want some special color to be done to the stage, send me a private message in the forums, and I’ll send you your recolor.

Talking about recolors,  for those who know a little about hacking, there’s a cool extra recolor of the stage inside the file, waiting to be enabled. It’s a custom recolor by Magus, on the PMBR. You can use it if you want, but do not publish it in the vault. I will probably add it to my folders some day if he doesn’t make an entry by himself.

Well, this is all. Get the stage if you want it, and if you like Project M, go to the project site, cause the new version is about to be released. Have fun :P


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