Snag the Trophies (before the world ends)

Hi, Mewtwo2000 here. So, now that the end of days is about to happen, let’s play some smash in the trophies stage from Melee :P

The stage is from that minigame in Melee’s classic mode where you had to hit some trophies and make them fall inside some rings in the center. I can’t make the stage to spawn actual trophies, but I’ve put a bunch of decorative trophies in the background for those who want them.

It was evanescent_hero who requested this stage months ago. Then DemonBoy came with a model so anybody could make the stage, and I asked for it. It’s taken so long, I’m sorry. You know I’ve been working on other stages during this time. Anyway, I guess the final result is worth the long wait.

I usually come with different versions for a stage, and this isn’t the exception. In fact, you can choose between having or not having the decorative falling trophies, the central rings, a nighttime version and even Majora’s Mask Moon replacing the planet in the background.

Some pictures of the different versions:

To get each, just follow the names of the different stage files in the mediafire folder.

MAJORA= Majora’s Moon
NIGHT= Nighttime version
NOTROPHIES= Without falling trophies
NORING= No pink rings in the middle

This makes 16 different versions to choose from. There aren’t, for example, bigger size versions, or untangible rings while kept in view. Those options are inside the files and easy to trigger, but I guess it’s okay with 16 versions already. If somebody wanted something special, like getting rid of the red arrow and have untangible rings while still visible, just ask me.

Click here to get the stage:

On a side note, Syeo in the forums made a retexture of the Yoshi stage I posted the other day. I helped him to improve it by removing some unneeded parts and animating the waves in the background. This is the stage:

You can get it HERE

By the way, I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who voted me as the best stage maker in the kcmm 2012 awards in the forums. It feels great knowing that people still like what you do, and pushes you to keep trying your best at it :)

Well, this is it. Have a nice end of days :P

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