Another Yoshi stage

Hi, Mewtwo2000 here. Today, what I’m posting here is the only main stage in SSB64 I had not made yet. There were versions over there already, but like most times, I wanted to make one. And I want to share it with you all.

The stage is fully animated, I mean, I’ve made all the animations in the original SSB/SSBM stage. The heart, the clouds… Even a Shy Guy passes by sometimes in the background.

The background is something special in this stage. In SSB64, it was completely static, it didn’t change at all, even when zooming. I’ve made it look that way by default. Of course, I’ve also included a version with a background more similar to what looked like in Melee.

This is the effect, just look at the sun:

This is the version without that effect:

I’ve also made versions with a different number of clouds:

2 clouds:

No clouds:

It can work over Yoshi’s Island Brawl, but also over Final Destination and others. Put it where you want :P

Enjoy it :)


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