Yoshi’s Story from Melee

Hi, Mewtwo2000 here. The stage I bring you today is from Melee, just like Fourside. If you’ve played Melee or Project M, you sure know it well. It’s Yoshi’s Story, the stage with the waves, the elephant, the trees and stuff.

Gamewatching made the first version for Brawl long time ago, and KTH made some further work. After that, the guys in the Project M team improved it more and it’s been used for a long time now.

But it needed to be remade, and that’s what I’ve done. With a new model, ripped from Melee directly by Oshtoby, and some of my magic (:P), the stage now looks better than ever. I’ve even managed to bring back the hittable Shy Guys, so we can kick their faces once again.

It’s easy, the stage works over the Yoshi’s Island Brawl stage. It takes the Shy Guys in there, so they spawn the same way. I’ve added some background Shy Guys, those are never hittable, they go in zigzag and look to the left, since they’re comming from the right side.

There’s a bigger size for those who don’t like it to be small. This is how that bigger size looks:

And don’t worry, the stage also works over other slots, in case you don’t want hittable Shy Guys. The background ones will still be there, but, well, it’s just a decorative element. If somebody wants a version without them in the background, just ask, and I’ll include it.

Video showing the stage:

And the vault link:


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