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Cloud and Sephiroth

So, seeing as none of the already existing versions of Cloud and Sephiroth were accurate enough for my taste, I decided to do them on my own.

I for my part am really satisfied with these results, but why don’t you just see it for yourself?

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Triple Rage Kick!

Regal Bryant

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Quick News Update

As you know, the KC:MM YouTube channel is rarely used anymore, so we have decided to let you, the viewers, subscribe to your favorite hackers to stay up to date on their latest hacks. In the video, click on the hackers’ names to be taken to their channels, and from there, hit the subscribe buttons!

Thanks from your friends at KC:MM!


Mushroomy Underground

Hi, it’s about time somebody posts something in here I guess. So here I am with yet another stage. Not much mushroomy kingdom hacks are seen around here, and most of them are pure retextures. So I’ve edited the stage beyond that.

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Shadow Final Version

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Zero v2 + An Announcement.

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“Miss, will YOU bear my child?”

*Epic slap*

*Note to self: Don’t ask demon huntresses.*

After Miroku, I now give you the character who comes closest to him: Sango.

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After two and a half years…

.Fade? Who is this guy? Well, he and dingoberriz have collaborated one more time to bring you a blast from the past. After a long two and a half years nine months after his original release, ladies and gentleman, we reintroduce:

CON Naruto.

A ninja's always full of surprises.

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Tales of Custom-Stage Packs

Greetings, it is FairKnight. I originally intended to pair this update with an Emil Vertex hack but I might as well release it early eh? I have recently acquired the new Stage Expansion code released by Phantom Wings and I already Mewtwo did a pack like this but I figured I should release a pack with my ToS imports.

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Maverick Hunter

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